I am Ambariffic!

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My card…without the text.

Hello! I am Ambariffic, and I am a graphic Designer here in Portland.  I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Portland with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. This means I successfully endured 3 years of educational bureaucracy, professor reviews and peer critiques. During this, I attained comprehensive technical training in the Big 3 (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator), and painstakingly broadened my creativity beyond the limits of muggles.

I am also a graduate of Central Oregon Community College (in Bend), with an Associates in Fine Arts. From here, I learned the fundamentals of art and aesthetics, and was able to increase my familiarity with different mediums, mostly clay, paint and various forms of drawing. (In case you’re wondering, I also studied other general education subjects too. I like to think of myself as an intelligent person, or at the very least, someone you won’t want to hit while having a conversation with, and I think this is a desirable attribute!).

I am currently a student of Portland Community College, and I am working on my Web Site Development Associates degree. From this I have gained quite a bit of technical skills in the Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks programs, and have a beginning level understanding of Adobe Flash. Outside of programs, I can write HTML CSS and Javascript. As much fun as creative projects can be, I love coding.

I interned at Oregon Business Magazine, which gave me experience working with a small team in a time sensitive print environment. It also gave me additional professional submersion in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, as well as presentation design using Microsoft Power Point and Keynote.

I was a temporary Graphic Designer at Acumed, which gave me experience working on utilitarian pieces (they are meant to function, not visually exciting). This was great experience working in a large business and also gave me additional practice in the Microsoft Office Suite (I spent many a-hour cleaning up some PowerPoint presentations).

I am currently employed by the big orange box (Home Depot), and have been for more than 6 years. I have also received 6 awards for job excellence. I do make signs to hang around the store and am on deck for designing PowerPoint presentations, but other than that, I want you to know about this piece of work history because I think it shows that I am a hard-working and loyal person and worth holding onto as an employee.

I am also the contract Graphic Designer for Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest, and I have volunteered design services with them in the past (Not to suck up, but they really are a WONDERFUL organization). With them, I have used the Adobe Big 3 to make marketing collateral pieces such as newsletters, postcards, programs and buttons, and became quite proficient at working independently and remotely.

Additionally, I also draw and take pictures, and have even designed and built a piece of furniture (it’s just a bed, but I am so proud of it that it’s the first thing I make people look at when they come to my home). I want to work with YOU, whether YOU is a large company, small company, non profit or an engaged couple who needs wedding invitations.