Recently, three big design firms attempted to rebrand feminism. While I agree that there is a little bit of a need to correct the public on their views of what feminism and feminists ARE, I believe all the attempts amounted to precisely dick, because they seem to have a weak understanding of feminism themselves.


Borrowed from http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/3-ad-agencies-try-rebrand-feminism-did-any-them-get-it-right-152866

First, the Brave and Jinan Younis attempt has a distinct message of “You agree with my point or you’re stupid” which isn’t very successful, and for a poster, it takes too long to get to the point.  Yeah, flowcharts are cool, especially when they are a little funny, but I really don’t think a lengthy convoluted path to the point is the effective choice here.


Also borrowed from http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/3-ad-agencies-try-rebrand-feminism-did-any-them-get-it-right-152866

Second, the Mother London and the Feminist Times attempt is based on misleading information. I say it’s misleading because the statement in the poster was found using a longitudinal study of income over a lifetime, and women take more time off to raise children during the course of their lifetime, so of course the results will show women making less. I am not denying that gender-based bay still happens (it personally happened to me at Home Depot), I am just asking for a more direct wage comparison and more facts than just this one. Also, the colors are kind of painful to look at (“It’s feminism? We should use pink! Bitches LOVE pink!”), and it strikes me as an all around lazy, not overly researched effort.


Guess where this was from? You guessed it!  From http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/3-ad-agencies-try-rebrand-feminism-did-any-them-get-it-right-152866

Third, the Wieden + Kennedy London and Vagenda attempt completely undermines it’s whole point at the end. I’m sorry, but You can’t list all these names other people call women, say women are NOT those things, and then tell them that what women are is up them. The color choice here also has that “It’s feminism? We should use pink! Bitches LOVE pink!” feel to it.

So, I tried a swing…. in my own blunt, classy way. I made this! 😀


Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy it.