Adapting to the COVID19 Outbreak

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Hello to (probably) no one! 😀

Me, like many others, have been sequestered to our home offices amidst the coronavirus outbreak. One way I’ve been distracting myself is by giving myself little projects. This one I’m sharing today is my little project based on always wanting to try a walking desk. They sound like a great idea but are just so expensive that it’s hard to know if it’s going to work out for you.

I had previously acquired a treadmill from a neighbor a few weeks back (she didn’t use it and was just clearing out space), and I noticed this morning that the rails on the side were just a little bit longer than the space I’d need for my work laptop. So, I wondered if I’d be able to make it work.

I figured I’d try to make one using only stuff around the house. Because I don’t want to be a COVIDiot.

It’s special edition, I swear.

I had the plywood and clamps hanging around from a previous project, and I had just gotten the laptop stand to help with ergonomics outside of this project.

It’s ugly, but it works! The treadmill IS a bit loud, but that only really matters if I’m on a call.

Now I just need work to buy me a treadmill desk! 😀

Though that probably won’t happen in this incoming economy… yay.